Robin's Lego Pages

My guide to doing Lego CAD.

Including how I have set my directories up and what programs I use. It also has links to pages that show how hoses, chains and nets can be created.
Star Wars files

Star Wars files, dats and jpegs even animations. Most of these files are rendered images taken from dat files published on Lugnet.
Modelled and Rendered sets

These are official Lego models that I have modelled in MLCAD then rendered using POVRAY.
Rendered images

Rendered images of various dat files either my own or mainly downloaded from Lugnet

Animations done with POVRAY. These are a sample of what I have done. I'll try and generate a how to do animations page soon. Let me know if this would be helpful.
Nathan's Lego bedroom

Nathan's Lego bedroom, mainly underwater Lego but there are several techniques used. Some pictures have been modelled in MLCAD then rendered in POVRAY then either printed onto various different types of paper and stuck onto the wall or in the case of the big sub-marine the image was printed onto film then projected onto the wall and traced.

Go and get it my boy. If you need to know anything about non-Lego Lego then this is the place to go
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