Lego CAD - Hose programs

Lego CAD - Hoser program

I modified the hoser spreadsheet by that generates bezier curves from start and end points.

Hose spreadsheet hoser.xls

Example of hosed file hoser.jpg

Load the spreadsheet and follow the instructions.
In brief generate a dat file with the ends of the hose where you want them. Take the hose short cut and delete all the 754 and 756 parts.
Use MLCAD or other to place the ends where you want.
get the positions of the 750 parts and open then in excel.
Cut and paste these two lines into the AutoCalc sheet then cut and paste the hosed sheet as normal.

Example of hoser spreadsheet

This picture was done very quickly and shows how fast the hose can be generated

Lego CAD - Angle of Rotation program

I also created a MS Excel spreadsheet such that it generates curved hoses dat files. It can only bend in one plane but the results are quite good.

On this sheet enter the angle where indicated then just cut and paste where indicated to generate the dat file.

90 degree bend

180 degree bend

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